Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Hi guys
So i was tagged by my friend Mide of www.midecoker.com  
I cannot wait to delve into the questions 
    The rules:
1. Share 11 facts about yourself
2. Answer the questions set by the blogger that nominated you
3. Nominate bloggers
4. Set 8 questions for nominated bloggers

  1. I can be very unforgiving 
  2. I am extremely free spirited
  3. I can never get physical with anyone 
  4. I rather avoid you than say hurtful words when am hurt
  5. I do not like dogs 
  6. I love beans cooked in every form except akara
  7. I think i behave way older than my age (my dad says i act 40)
  8. I cry alot especially for poor old struggling women and very little kids 
  9. I know i would marry the man of my dreams and have 2 beautiful kids and travel the world together
  10. I use to enjoy been fat but now I'm not so sure
    11 .I wish my mummy never died      


-What would you spend 1million dollars on?
I would first build a big mansion for my family  ,then pay for my dream school fees ,settle my brothers and sister ,give to charity and start up my business

-Favorite item in your closet? (put up a picture if you can)
i have so many favorites but presently im loving one silver pointy shoes  i bought from asos. see picture below
-If you had the chance to name yourself, what would it be and why?
it would be Greta ,because i like the name it means pearl and it sounds exotic

 -How do you express yourself?
if i do not have to i don't bother especially  when am angry i rather stay cold and withdrawn. but if am happy i talk a lot ,i laugh a lot ,can also be very loud. 

- Favorite book?
50 shades of grey ..hmmmm very erotic  book lol...

-What inspired you to start your blog?
i though i have an interesting life and decided to do a journal of my journey through it. 

- What has your blog done for you?
Through this blog i have met very interesting bloggers  and it has encouraged me to become a more better person .

big shout out to Mide for this tag i had fun doing this

Bloggers i am tagging 

1. What is the most expensive item you own (a picture wont be bad too)
2. Choose {love or money} and state your reason
3. Where is your dream vacation spot?
4. What do you first notice about people 
5. Why did you start blogging
6. In 5 years where do you see your self
7. When last did you cry and what made you 
8.What would you spend a million dollars on?

That is  all for now.
Talk to you guys soon.
Big hugs and kisses.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Nana's pool birthday party

Just when i thought my life was becoming boring ,Nana my friend and colleague told me she was having a pool party to celebrate her birthday .I was so excited by now you all should know how i like water ,even though i cannot swim .
We had so much fun ,everyone there seemed to be very friendly too ..
i took lots of pictures
Shout out to  Ndubisi he also assisted me too .
i and the celebrant

celebrant and kele


nana and kele


nana and chuks doing whatever lol


chuks,jessica,uche,nana {dnt remeber d names of the ladies at  both ends}

me oh!

sexy nana

such booty



yankie boy Ndu


jessica and yello friend lol


sola baby

nana and friends

nana,kele and friends ..that girl is tall yo!

sexy tins

isnt Ndubisi lucky


sola baby


we had fun yo!

birthday gal

group photo

we turnt up!!!
kisses and hugs!

Friday, August 15, 2014


Hi darlings ,how have you all been?i hope you all are taking the necessary health measure against contacting Ebola? The Lord would protect us all..
I took a few pictures of my colleagues at work and thought to share with you all.
I think i still have a very long way to go .slowly but surely.

Beautiful pictures i Think?
 I had so much fun taking this pictures .
Big shout out to Fifi ,Chuks ,Nana ,Jessica and  Sola  for finding time out of your very busy schedule
Yes we can work but we also love to play ..